Register Chicago Area

Friday Oct. 19th
Warrenville Library 28W751 Stafford Pl,
Warrenville, IL 60555

Why is this event different . . .

. . . than anything you have ever attended? For years, on the third Thursday of every month, mastermind groups from all around the world come together and share best practices on twelve topics which will change the way you and your referral partners will do business forever. Each topic is designed to assist you / your company – organization to create powerful systems which generate more and better leads, convert more prospects into clients, convert leads faster and generate far more referrals.

This event is supported by many businesses and non profit organizations. The $35 pre-event registration that helps to offset the resources invested to bring you this life changing event. If there is financial excess, that money is used to support single moms and kids at risk. Retail value for this event is $570 for the two days. If you achieve your desired financial results, we would encourage you to contribute additional funds as able.

*Please submit payment before registering


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