8275152_sIn social interaction, inevitably conflicts arise between the people involved. The reasons for this are complex. Despite all “side effects” however, there is no necessity to totally avoid the occurrence of conflicts. More important is the correct handling of conflicts – to learn how to solve them and effectively use the chances each conflict offers. This is a crucial skill to take ownership and to become an effective leader.

Workshop Content

Leadership Role

  • Reflect the role of effective leaders
  • Get to know a practical method to clarify expectations

Conflict Management

  • Understand the mechanism of arising conflicts
  • Understand your own attitude and the impact on conflicts
  • Learn techniques and strategies to be used in various conflict situations that allow to flexibly and adequately react to different conflict partners and at the same time exert influence


  • Extend your network by connecting with the other participants

Personal Benefits

Leadership Role

  • Enhance your effectiveness as a leader
  • Conflict prevention: Solve conflicts before they arise

Conflict Management

  • Personal development: Be aware of your inner mindset and use it consciously
  • Safe time and energy through conflict
  • Enlarge your positive impact on groups and


  • Build trustful relationships to enhance your business

Legacy Partners members are generous in sharing what we know with the world.  Please enjoy this event as much as those who participated.  For those who register we will provide you with monthly updates to assist with ongoing conflict resolutions AND future LIVE events AND other resources, tools and assistance to helping us all become we were meant to be.

 There is no cost for this event but we are raising money for Kids At Risk. The regular pricing is $395 person. Individuals are encourage to give whatever they are able to give.

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