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Have you / those around you ever attended a workshop, seminar or any type of event . . . become motivated, inspired, pumped up . . . but then did not follow through?

Mastermind Seminars is not like any other event you have ever attended. It’s been designed over the last 30+ years and has systems, tools, processes and networks connected where the majority, rather than the minority of people follow through. YOU WILL FOLLOW THROUGH! 🙂

There are many secrets which makes the Mastermind Seminar event, totally unique. As a participant, have you ever prepared for an event 12 weeks in advance of attending? Probably not. 🙂 Here is an amazing workbook. Have it printed out and bound or put into a 3 ring binder and start to dig into it right away.

“Another Secret is the amazing 12 week countdown to the event. Starting 12 weeks in advance of the event we start to come together as a CORE team and participants to register and do amazing things even before the event starts.

In a way . . . it’s actually NOT about the event at all . . . it’s about you achieving your full potential and success in all areas of life you decide to pursue. The event actually is a celebration of the 12 weeks working together to accomplish far more together than we ever could on our own.”

After listening to the appropriate week in the “12 Week Countdown” it’s VERY IMPORTANT to meet with your CORE team to discus what you learned. This could be done over a simple, fast and easy 30 minute conference mastermind phone call or a weekly Coffee Connection mastermind call in person discussion. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the MASSIVE VALUE of meeting EVERY week, never missing a week. One missed week will cost you greatly, but you’ll never get a bill or know what that cost is. Talk with your HOST and/or Buddies about what works best for everyone.

Once we attend the event, we’ll think in ways we’ve never thought before and we’ll SEE opportunities . . . for ourselves and others . . . that we’ve never seen before. We will be AWAKENED!

Where most people struggle after an event is in follow through. Mastermind Seminars has that covered for you as well. There is a 12 week follow up system which, when followed will insure that you will accomplish EVERYTHING you set your heart on accomplishing at the event . . . AND MORE!

If you would like to HOST your own Mastermind Seminar event or Coffee Connection and/or you would like to be a part of the CORE group, check out the following. You’ll be glad you did. Those who are part of the CORE gain more value . . . because they are more committed and involved . . . and commitment and involvement produces greater results.

To earn a great deal of money, as a result of attending the event while working less we need to . . . create a movement. In a way, that’s not hard to do . . . if we have the right system and then follow that system really well. Watch this video and then determine if you want to be the first person dancing, the second or where will you be in the movement?

To create a movement . . . the best tool we’ve found is what’s call the Atomic Ripple Reaction Principle or ARRT. It’s so very easy, all you have to do is find two other people and your movement will be started.

The first completed ARRT . . .

Blank ARRT template . . .

ARRT ~ 12 Ripples . . .

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