Information About Coffee Connection Group

A huge part of the system for success within Mastermind Seminars is meeting weekly with a local Coffee Connection mastermind group and/or a 30 minute mastermind conference call.

It’s so easy . . . to start one . . . all you need is yourself and one other person. If each of the two of you invite one other person, you’ll have four and you can continue to grow it as large as you wish.

There is SO much information in the Mastermind Seminar event that if you don’t have a weekly follow up system in place to help insure proper implementation of what is learned . . . it’s fairly simple . . . people will not follow through well.

Set a day of the week and a time right now!

I will start a Coffee Connection right now. We will meet every ____ day of the week and we will start at __:___ each week.

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