KarenSystems are helping me to earn a lot more money!

“This event helped me to see how simple it really is to develop systems. Not easy, but simple. I am motivated and know that I now have the disciplines required to build my very own BOS – Business Operating System.”
– Karen Carlson – Karen Attends Dimensional Living Mastermind Group

Speed Networking

EdKirchSystems are helping me to work less hours!

“I now have a system for networking and not only am I now earning more money as a result of this system but I am working less and getting more done in the time I do work.”
– Edward Kirch – Edward Attends Coffee Connections Mastermind Group

Wins and Biggest Challenges

allensteinWhy did I fly in from the East Coast?

“I was drawn in by the amazing group of people, the systems, the training and the overall energy. I could sense, at a deep level, that this group what was happening would help me to achieve my Life Vision. There is nothing like it anywhere in the world!”
– Alan Stein – Alan Leads Dimensional Living Mastermind Group


KevinKSystems for people . . . very exciting!

“People have always fascinated me but I’ve never thought about using a system to underestand and connect with people. This session helped me to understand how the DNA for PEOPLE, Personality Masteries will help me to very quickly understand and connect with people very quickly.”
– Kevin King – Kevin Leads Over 60 & Loving Life Mastermind Group


RosannaBDoes the 5/30 Grid work for any type of business?

“I was a stay at home mom for over 20 years and just started my business. Honestly I wasn’t real confident that I was the business type of person. What I realized is that in a few minutes of studying The 5/30 Grid that I have a better understand of systems for business than my husband did with three degrees in business. It works for any business and anyone can follow this system.”
– Rosanna Boersma – Rosanna Leads Awesome Women Mastermind Group


SteveMImagine . . . Starting one of these in your own community!

“I now have a System for Life and can share that system with others. Discovering my Story, learning how to tell that story and then help others to do that as well is very exciting! Natural Laws are an amazing system for living life! I will be starting one of these groups in my community”
– Steve Minnich – Steve Leads Over 60 & Loving Life Mastermind Group

Q & A

BruceI can I learn to think differently?

“Wow! I’ve known for some time that for me to double my income and work less hours that I MUST learn to thinker differently but I never thought how systems help me to think less and act more. In a way . . . the systems really do do the thinking for me. I like that!”
– Bruce Brankle – Bruce Attends Coffee Connections Mastermind Group

Great Things Next Month

Teresa2I am ready to think in a very different way!

“I travel a fair distance every month to attend this event and honestly there were times I was thinking of dropping out. I am so happy that I didn’t quit when I felt like it. 🙂 Now that we’re into year two I can see how each month I attend I gain a deeper understanding of how to build my BOS – Business Operating System which will help me reach my Life Vision.”
– Teresa Lekan – Teresa Leads Sticky Message Mastermind Group

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