jasonmillerThis changed my life!

“It all makes sense to me now! My Life Vision totally connects into my BOS – Business Operating System. So Powerful!”
– Jason Miller – Jason Attends Coffee Connections Mastermind Group

Speed Networking

allensteinMy Life Vision connects with others. Love It!

“Discovering my Life Vision has caused me to Think Differently which is helping me to earn a lot more while working less hours!”
Alan Stein Alan Leads Dimensional Living Mastermind Group

Wins and Biggest Challenges

EmilyNHow does my personality connect into my Life Vision?

Through the Business X-Ray and ActionVision coaching I now have a clear plan how to live out my Life Vision each and every day.”
– Emily Nelson – Emily Attends Awesome Women Mastermind Group


KevinKHow does my personality connect into my Life Vision?

“This session along with the Personality Masteries course has opened my eyes to how powerful one’s personality is to achieving one’s Life Vision. I now clearly see how I need other personality types to help me achieve my Life Vision.”
– Kevin King – Kevin Leads Over 60 & Loving Life Mastermind Group


MellisaBI traveled from Nashville in a snow storm!

“To achieve my Life Vision I now realize I need to Clone Myself and I realize how to do that now. Each month is amazing and worth the trip! I can’t believe there are local business owners who miss this. Individuals how miss this amazing event every month, have no idea as to all that they are missing.”
– Melissa Boersma –  Melissa Attends Awesome Women Mastermind Group


EdKirchNatural Laws are key to me achieving my Life Vision!

The Secret About Time white paper, videos and this event is helping me to better pursue my Life Vision. E-VAs (Executive Virtual Assistants) are taking over more of the work I use to do and now I’m earning a lot more money, while working less hours. The money and the time give me a better opportunity to achieve my Life Vision.

– Edward Kirch – Edward Attends Coffee Connections Mastermind Group

Q & A

DaynaBMy life is so complicated. I think this helped me figure it out!

“This session helped me discover my Life Vision. I can also see how the white paper library and the online library of courses are great resources to helping me live my Life Vision each and every day .”
– Dayna Beegle – Dayna attends Coffee Connections Mastermind Group

Great Things Next Month

LumiHelping Kids At Risk is helping me grow my business!

“It’s interesting to me how helping Kids At Risk, one aspect to my Life Vision is helping me gain a better use of my BOS – Business Operating System. Everything in our lives are truly interconnected .”

– Luminita Ispas – Luminita attends the Kids At Risk mastermind group

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