miriamMy network exploded!

“Simply following a strategy makes prospecting work better and faster! Implementing these systems moves clients to make a decision quickly which is good for my clients and my business.”
– Miriam Iwrey – Miriam attends Awesome Women Mastermind Group

Speed Networking

RosannaBIt is an Awesome group!

“It makes me smile knowing how networking can truly be productive and also great to hear what brings passion to other business owners in the way they share what they do!”
– Rosanna Boersma – Rosanna Leads Awesome Women Mastermind Group

Wins and Biggest Challenges

EdKirchMy property investment company is taking on a life of its own!

“Converting prospects faster is what is happening in my business and is exciting and makes everything more fun! Delegating strategies and trusting the system is creating success for myself and everyone around me! The more I delegate the more time I gain back to own a company, not a job.”
– Edward Kirch – Edward Attends Coffee Connections Mastermind Group


KevinKIt’s all about the ‘who’ in business!

“Clearly communicate with every prospect and client to make business close easier and faster and focus on the present AND the future success of my business as well as others!”
– Kevin King – Kevin Leads Over 60 & Loving Life Mastermind Group


Tim_BIt’s all laid out perfectly!

Every detailed step is clear to convert prospects faster. I love the precision in the 5/30 grid.  Just follow the steps.”

– Timothy Berneche  –  Attends Community and Business Partnerships Group


WendyMosesI love understanding life better!

“I now see how everything comes together naturally in my business to convert prospects faster. The Natural Laws make total sense.”  
– Wendy Moses – Attends Awesome Women Mastermind Group

Q & A

BruceThere is help at every turn, just ask.

“I am grateful for the feedback, coaching and direction on making business close faster when I attend, but then also get much, much more.  It’s a bonus every month.” 
– Bruce Brankle – Bruce Attends Coffee Connections Mastermind Group

Great Things Next Month

allensteinNow we are streaming!

“Technology helps businesses connect quickly and also helps get prospects to close. I gain so much benefit from attending the live events, but when I can’t, technology helps me stream the event so I never miss a thing!” 
Alan Stein Alan Leads Dimensional Living Mastermind Group

“Register and receive special valuable updates, information, tools and systems!”


“Pay It Forward . . . Did you benefit from the massive efforts invested by many others?”  
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