50 Referrals From One Client . . . How Did That Happen?

The Magic Seed System


WendyMosesI love it! Systems to generate a large quantity of prospects.

“I wish I would have learned this years ago. Amazing! I will be sharing this with all my clients!”
Wendy Moses – Wendy attends DNA for PEOPLE

Speed Networking

allensteinI discovered the magic to obtain referrals!

“I now have a system for networking and not only am I now earning more money as a result of this system but I am working less and getting more done in the time I do work. I have a turnkey system now for developing referrals from every client.”
Alan Stein Alan Leads Dimensional Living Mastermind Group

Wins and Biggest Challenges

KevinKI have never experienced anything like it!

“Why isn’t anyone else teaching this? It’s so simple, so easy and takes so little time.”

– Kevin King – Kevin Leads Over 60 & Loving Life Mastermind Group


miriamPeople’s personality is the key to gaining more referrals.

“Learning how to identify someone’s personality in 15 seconds and then knowing precisely how to service that individual does generate more referrals. Best session yet!”
– Miriam Iwrey – Miriam attends Awesome Women Mastermind Group


EdKirchThe 5/30 Grid is the secret to turning the referral machine on!

“Having a BOS – Business Operating System in my business with the foundation of The 5/30 Grid makes it so easy to take what is taught every month and then apply it. Learn it! Do it! It’s really that simple! I Love It!”
– Edward Kirch – Edward Attends Coffee Connections Mastermind Group


RosannaBNatural laws rock with referrals!

“I get it now! The Cluster Principle inserted into The 5/30 Grid, blended in with Personality Masteries is the recipe for success in developing a system for generating MASSIVE REFERRALS!”

– Rosanna Boersma – Rosanna Leads Awesome Women Mastermind Group

Q & A

Teresa2 I found the answer!

“It’s all making sense to me! Get the systems in place, build the network and use the systems and the network to build massive referrals sources. It all makes so much sense. We should all share these secrets with everyone we know!”
– Teresa Lekan – Teresa Leads Sticky Message Mastermind Group

Great Things Next Month

BruceIt’s all starting to come together for me!

“Each month, another piece of the puzzle comes together and I see the massive benefits to myself, my business and everyone I come in contact with. All the pieces are interconnected and support one another. It’s all really amazing when you step back and look at it.”

– Bruce Brankle – Bruce Attends Coffee Connections Mastermind Group

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