Year 3 – 10. Attracting PROFITABLE CLIENTS
Check out the NEW sites . . . – Use networks (ours and others) to grow our business. – Use media and technology to clone ourselves. – Use technology to save us time and bring value to others.

Testing of the new Live Stream went well! Will continue to improve for future use. Thank you to MVP and Horizon for setting this up and donating time and money into this new endeavor!


Teresa2This transformed my business!

“Being the best version of ourselves as a business, really does mean attracting more and better, PROFITABLE CLIENTS.  What business owner wouldn’t want to do that? You can learn more by joining a Mastermind Group!”

Speed Networking

pamI gained a NEW Profitable Client!!

“Learning to Think Differently, SEE opportunities that would normally be passed up, and make new connections, takes your business to a whole new level.”

Wins and Biggest Challenges

EdKirchI love connecting with other business owners!

“Taking a few minutes to connect with other business owners and discuss challenges and triumphs is my favorite part.  Thanks to my ActionVision plan I know how to tackle challenges and how to benefit the most from every single Win!”


allensteinCommunicate to the personality type!

“My business’ profitability SKY-ROCKETED when I started understanding clients’ Personality Types.  I turned more prospects into clients and gained more and better referrals from current clients.”


screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-6-15-06-pmStrong systems mean PROFITABLE CLIENTS!

“Having a structure like the BOS – Business Operating System  to run my business with and to help other business owners to do the same is amazing.  I’m seeing such a difference in my business now!”

– Elise Sims – Elise attends the Real Estate Mastermind Group –

steveCIncreased business, with less time!

“Understanding how the 3 For 1 Principle works and applying it to my business has allowed me to increase my productivity and income as well as decrease the amount of time and resources I invest into my business.  I’ve never seen anything like it!”

Q & A

nancyMasterminding together = more success!

“Having the chance to discuss various topics and suggestions brought up during the Mastermind Seminar with other like-minded business owners, only leads to further development and connections made.  This has lead to additional business connections for me!”

Great Things Next Month

KevinKIf you thought this was great, just wait til next month!

“Now that we’ve learned how to Attract PROFITABLE CLIENTS, we have to learn to Fine Tune our Profitable Systems so that we increase our business by ten-fold.  Join us next month for a closer look at how the BOS – Business Operating System helps us do just that!”

– Kevin King – Kevin attends the Mastermind Seminars Mastermind Group –

Other Great Links Which Have Been Helpful

The Magic Seed System – Learn how to clone our successes and then mass produce them.
Sticky Messages – Great course to learn how to write better copy / produce more leads.
Personality Masteries – Learn the science of people.
The MVP Network – Media – Technology – Video – Internet
Mastermind Partnerships – Media – Technology – Video – Internet
Mastermind Groups – Connect with other like minded professionals.

“Register and receive special valuable updates, information, tools and systems!”


“Pay It Forward . . . Did you benefit from the massive efforts invested by many others?”  
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