Year 3 – 5. Generate A LARGE QUANTITY of Referrals

Check out the NEW sites . . . – Use media and technology to clone ourselves. – Use networks (ours and others) to grow our business. – Use technology to save us time and bring value to others.


nancySo Simple!

“By learning to Think Different I now am able to generate more referrals.  So simple and so powerful.”

Speed Networking

EdKirch So many profitable connections!!

“With my BOS – Business Operating System and this event I’ve made so many profitable connections and partnerships.  If people knew what they were really missing, they would never miss.”

Wins and Biggest Challenges

allensteinI had a question . . . now I have the answer!   🙂

“I have had the question of how to get more done in less time and generate more referrals and with Executive Virtual Assistants I am able to now do this.  Thank you so much!”


RosannaBKnow someone’s personality = Gain More REFERRALS!

“Wow, so much insight!  As a result of understanding Personality Masteries I now know how to identify someone’s personality in seconds which then gives me a map to understand how to ask for and receive referrals.  So helpful!”


steveCReally?  It’s that easy!

“I now know how all the five area and the thirty boxes from the BOS – Business Operating System all connect back into gain more referrals and how that will help me to achieve my Life Vision.  So exciting!”


KevinKThe Cluster Principle!

“I have known for years how to ask for referrals but I’ve never know how to Clone Myself and get others and my system to generate more referrals on my behalf.  Great session!  The 7 FREE lessons available through The MVP Network are most helpful as well.”

– Kevin King – Kevin attends the Mastermind Seminars Mastermind Group –

Q & A

MellisaBWeekly Coffee Connection . . . great way to follow through!

“I now have a system I can meet a whole lot more people through Coffee Connections.  The white paper library and the online library of courses are helping me to bring value to everyone I meet and that is increase referrals in an amazing way!

– Melissa Boersma – Melissa attends Awesome Women –

Great Things Next Month

Teresa2Client For Life . . . That’s what I’m all about.
“To earn money . . . on everything I do . . . is SO EASY!
Step 1: Examination – Ask for individuals biggest challenge.
Step 2: Solution – 30 Minute Strategy Session
Step 3: Implementation – Assist individuals in following through.
Other great solutions are . . . Business X-Ray and ActionVision OR really any solution that will help prospects overcome their biggest challenge / problem.  I am motivated to invite others to next month, this month was so great!

Full Live Stream

Other Great Links Which Have Been Helpful
The Magic Seed System – Learn how to clone our successes and then mass produce them.
Sticky Messages – Great course to learn how to write better copy / produce more leads.
Personality Masteries – Learn the science of people.
The MVP Network – Media – Technology – Video – Internet
Mastermind Partnerships – Media – Technology – Video – Internet
Mastermind Groups – Connect with other like minded professionals.

“Register and receive special valuable updates, information, tools and systems!”


“Pay It Forward . . . Did you benefit from the massive efforts invested by many others?”  
Share this with others you know and bring benefit to them and their lives / businesses!
Be a GIVER and share even if it’s only $5 a week to the cause to help people around the world!

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