Year 4 – 10. – Attracting PROFITABLE Clients

Use networks (ours and others) to grow our business.
Use media and technology to clone ourselves.
Use technology to save us time and bring value to others.

Follow Up Is Our Key To Success . . . Coffee Connection
Week 1: The VALUE of doing a 30 minute strategy session.
Week 2: The VALUE of Thinking Differently ~ paper.
Week 3: How do I use systems to solve specific problems?
Week 4: Phase 1: Five life / mind changing white papers.
Week 5: Identify 12 local outside the box thinkers. 12OTBT


nancyHow to be the business that attracts QUALITY clients…

“Working to create an environment in our business that attracts higher quality and more profitable clients is such a timesaver!”

Speed Networking

screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-6-15-06-pmAchieving Success Together!

“Working alongside other business owners and professionals who are seeking to grow and see similar success as you reduces your iterations to success. We’ve also learned so much about how learning to Think Differently impacts your success.”

– Elise Sims – Elise attends Community Business Partnerships Mastermind Group –

Wins and Biggest Challenges

Working thru challenges together.

“Having a space to share challenges and learn from like-minded individuals how to work to be the best business owner or professional we can be is an incredible feeling!”

– Sheryl Neighoff – Sheryl attends Community Business Partnerships Mastermind Group –


Communicating Efficiently!

“Have you ever felt like you were speaking a different language than your customers?  If so, you NEED to take a look at Personality Masteries.  Your mind will be blown and you will find you can communicate in a more efficient manner with EVERYONE you talk to.”

– Nicole Mihalos – Nicole attends Kids at Risk Mastermind Group 


allensteinWorking Smarter, Not Harder!

“Producing better results in the same or less time due to a BOS – Business Operating System is incredible!  Any professional or business owner needs to craft a BOS and see the increased success that follows!”


Taking a different approach!

“Learning to SEE situations differently, and then to THINK differently has a massive impact in all that I do and allows me to catch things I might have missed in the past!  Seeing the Cluster Principle and how that impacts gaining profitable clients easily is a great strategy!”

Q & A

KevinKGreat thoughts & insights!

“Taking the time to hear the “ah ha” moments that others’ had and to answer any questions from those participating in the Mastermind Seminars is always a great way to wrap up the day!”

– Kevin King – Kevin attends the Mastermind Seminars Mastermind Group –

Great Things Next Month

Teresa2I can’t wait for next month’s topic. . . .

“Would you like to learn how to be someone who knows how to “Fine Tune our PROFITABLE SYSTEMS”?  Join us next month!

Great Things & Next Month
Leadership – Create Massive PROFITS
“I have learned how to earn money from everything that I do.”
  Step 1: Examination – Ask for individuals biggest challenge.
  Step 3: Implementation – Assist individuals in following through.

Other Great Links Which Have Been Helpful

The Magic Seed System – Learn how to clone our successes and then mass produce them.
Sticky Messages – Great course to learn how to write better copy / produce more leads.
Personality Masteries – Learn the science of people.
The MVP Network – Media – Technology – Video – Internet
Mastermind Partnerships – Media – Technology – Video – Internet
Mastermind Groups – Connect with other like minded professionals.

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“Pay It Forward . . . Did you benefit from the massive efforts invested by many others?”  
Share this with others you know and bring benefit to them and their lives / businesses!
Be a GIVER and share even if it’s only $5 a week to the cause to help people around the world!

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