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My Marketing Resource Library

Box 6: Group / Target: Business Professionals Who Desire to Make More Money, Work Less Hours, Have Less Stress with Better Life Balance. 
These marketing resources can be used to target any professional in any industry. It’s a general flier that connects them into our mastermind seminar and brings them additional value through these free monthly events as well as online resources available 24/7.We learn in DNA for BUSINESS, The 5/30 Grid that in Box 1: Identify Targets, we need to have EVERYONE we know in some type of database so we can quickly touch / connect / impact their lives through a Box 2: Develop & Deliver A Message.  Legacy Partners has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into this “Marketing Resource Library” for you to use in delivering a message to those in your network / sphere’s of influence.  If you create a marketing piece, you believe others would benefit from please submit your marketing piece to www.TheMVPnetwork.org@gmail.com, along with the url link on what library you believe your marketing piece could be included in.
To Obtain BEST Results
Others have found that if we put a short message above the flier with a link individuals are more likely to read and act on the flier. The following are short sentences which others have found helpful in drawing people in. Feel free to modify the message if you feel a different message might work better for your group.

Short Trailer
Recommended Use: This very short video, usually less than a minute long is designed to draw people into a full trailer, a marketing flier, a website and/or a conversation.

Full Trailer
Recommended Use: Gives more details, often a full voice over, second step often after the short trailer to draw people in for the event or the 24/7 video online recordings of the event.

Recommended Use: Designed to draw people’s attention / interest into attending the event or viewing the 24/7 online recordings of the event.

Email Copy
Recommended Use: You can obviously just send out via your regular email or you could do something in more of a mass / larger email. Most of the time clicking on the flier and then copy / past will work. We have found that MailChimp email services tends to work best for most people and the first 2,000 people you have there is no cost. www.MailChimp.com It’s very cool that you can see everyone specifically who “Opens” and everyone who “Clicks” on the link as well. Helps use to know who to maybe call who might be most interested.

Email Templates

Click Here

Subject Line
Would you like to register for this event with me?

I found this Mastermind Seminar flier to be interesting and thought you may be interested in checking this out! This is a free event!

What are your thoughts?

Your Name

<< Copy & Paste Flier into your email here >>>

Business Customers / Connections
Subject Line
Do you think this might be a good idea for us to attend this event to learn how to bring even more value to each other?

I found this Mastermind Seminar Event to be interesting and wanted your thoughts on it.

I’m thinking that something like this might be mutually beneficial for you and I and a lot of other people both of us know.

Could we connect  so I could get your thoughts and feedback on the flier and maybe how we could better work together?

Your Name

<< Copy & Paste Flier into your email here >>>

Subject Line
I was curious about your thoughts on this event . . .

Have you ever wondered . . . if there was a better way to connect with more people and grow one’s business faster?

I ran across this flier and wondered your thoughts.

I know we don’t know each other, but thought maybe we should connect  about getting involved in this mastermind seminar network. It might be something that would be positive for both of us and others we both may know.

Let me know your thoughts and maybe a short phone conversation would help us determine if it would make sense for us to check into this.

Your Name

<< Copy & Paste Flier into your email here >>>


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