Year 5-4. Convert Prospects FASTER

Use networks (ours and others) to grow our business.
Use media and technology to clone ourselves.
Use technology to save us time and bring value to others.

Follow Up Is Our Key To Success . . . Coffee Connection
Week 1: The VALUE of doing a 30 minute strategy session.
Week 2: The VALUE of Thinking Differently ~ paper.
Week 3: How do I use systems to solve specific problems?
Week 4: Phase 1: Five life / mind changing white papers.
Week 5: Identify 12 local outside the box thinkers. 12OTBT

How Do I Clone Myself?

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This is awesome!

“Gaining clarity on working your leads with purpose to convert more of them to clients is a game changer!”

– Daniel Harris – Daniel attends Coffee Connection –

Speed Networking

Masterminding at its finest!

“Connecting with others and working to assist one another in growing our client base is phenomenal!.”

– Matt Maple – Matt leads a Coffee Connection –

Wins and Biggest Challenges

 What works in converting clients?

“Connecting with others and learning what they’ve tried to convert MORE of their prospects into clients and learning from their challenges and successes!”


Personality Mastery in Business!

“Applying Personality Masteries to my lead conversion process has drastically changed my results to converting more prospects to clients.”

– Peter Schmitz – Peter attends Mastermind Seminars –


Systematizing lead generation in amazing ways!

“Working to have a  BOS – Business Operating System to work my leads and manage the steps for my business gives me more time to work my prospects and convert more to clients!”
– Ski Swiatkowski – Ski attends the Mortgage Mastermind Group –  


Teresa2Natural Laws to boost your clients!

“Applying the The Magic Seed System means feeding client successes back into our leads in order to convert them faster and easier.

Q & A

screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-6-15-06-pmGreat time to learn!

“Learning from one another in using our knowledge to .”

– Elise Sims – Elise attends Community Business Partnerships Mastermind Group


Great Things Next Month

KevinKJoin us next month!

“Now that we know how to convert MORE prospects to clients, we can learn how to convert prospects FASTER.”

– Kevin King – Kevin attends the Mastermind Seminars Mastermind Group –
Great Things & Next Month
Leadership – Create Massive PROFITS
“I have learned how to earn money from everything that I do.”
  Step 1: Examination – Ask for individuals biggest challenge.
  Step 3: Implementation – Assist individuals in following through.

Other Great Links Which Have Been Helpful

The Magic Seed System – Learn how to clone our successes and then mass produce them.
Sticky Messages – Great course to learn how to write better copy / produce more leads.
Personality Masteries – Learn the science of people.
The MVP Network – Media – Technology – Video – Internet
Mastermind Partnerships – Media – Technology – Video – Internet
Mastermind Groups – Connect with other like minded professionals.

“Register and receive special valuable updates, information, tools and systems!”


“Pay It Forward . . . Did you benefit from the massive efforts invested by many others?”  
Share this with others you know and bring benefit to them and their lives / businesses!
Be a GIVER and share even if it’s only $5 a week to the cause to help people around the world!

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